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Nyaru is a fully-fledged, customizable and your personal discord assistant for your discord server, having exceptional multi-tasking abilities!

We do not advice you to read the documentation right now. We're working very hard on our end to make it brief and easy to understand. If you want help, please do not refer to anything here untill it's officially published.

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This documentation provides information on each module/command, including the description, usage, and examples.

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Inviting Nyaru โญ

An extensive and detailed page has been written on how to invite nyaru over here.

Documentation Guide

In the navigation bar, you can see many groups. Each group has pages, and sub-pages respectively. Everything is well categorized!

If you are looking for detailed help of any topic, you can also use the ๐Ÿ”Ž Search option to find your answers!

ProTip: For instant help regarding a command or module, just run @Nyaru help <your-command> from the discord itself!


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