Bulk Delete an amount of messages from a channel.
With the @Nyaru purge command, you can delete a number of messages from a channel. You can use different filters/options to specify what type of messages you want to remove from the channel.
pg, bulkdelete, clear
  • -force - Force flag allows you to force purge the required messages, instead of filtering pinned messages (This will force to delete pinned messages as well). Learn more about flags here.
5 seconds
  • MANAGE_MESSAGES: The discord user running the command should have at least this permission in the command channel.
  • READ_MESSAGES: Bot should be able to read messages to listen your command!
  • READ_MESSAGE_HISTORY: Bot should be able to read message history to fetch and purge them.
  • EMBED_LINKS: Bot will provide command output in the embed.
  • MANAGE_MESSAGES: Bot should have permissions to manage messages in the command channel to delete messages.
You can only delete upto 100 messages maximum per execution, and you cannot purge messages older than 14 days. Learn more.


@Nyaru purge (count) (option) (search arguments)


  • Purge last 69 messages, excluding channel pins:
@Nyaru purge 69
  • Purge last 100 messages, including channel pins:
@Nyaru purge 100 -force
In above examples, purge count/amount is required argument, however the flag is optional.

Sub Commands

Purge filters can help you specify and clean specific type of messages (to your desire). Some cases where you can use these sub commands:
  • You want to clear messages which includes text hell,
  • You want to clear all bot messages (upto last 100 messages),
  • You want to clear all attachment messages,
  • You want to clear all messages not including text noob,
and much more - we have got it covered for you.
Sub Command
Purge messages sent by bots.
Purge messages sent by humans.
​links (WIP)​
Purge messages containing any link(s).
Purge messages containing any attachment(s).
Purge messages containing user or role mention(s).
​embeds (WIP)​
Purge messages containing embed(s).
Purge messages including the given text.
Purge messages not including the given text.
Purge messages starting with given text.
Purge messages ending with given text.
Purge messages sent by a specific user/bot account.
You can click on the respective sub-command to jump to detailed documentation with usage and examples of that specific sub-command.