Purge messages ending with given text.


@Nyaru purge [count] endswith <search arguments>


  • Purge messages containing text Cutie in end of the message in last 10 messages

@Nyaru purge 10 endswith Cutie

The above example will fetch last 10 messages in the channel and check if the message content or message text ends with your search arguments, i.e., Cutie, filter them and then purges it.

Search arguments are case sensitive! This means Cutie is NOT same as CUTIE. Learn more about case senstivity here.

Take a look at the other example,

  • Purge all messages ending with text dumbo

@Nyaru purge endswith dumbo

If you don't provide count, bot will index last 100 messages and filter them by default.

As of the above example, bot will search the text dumbo in last 100 messages of the channel and check if each message ends with the your search argument, if it does, it will be purged!

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