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Invite Nyaru!

The very first step is inviting Nyaru 💖 to use her in your server! Learn how.
Inviting Nyaru, is super easy - as you might have thought. In this section, we will guide you giving appropriate permissions while inviting, some recommended behavious etc. Let's dig deep into it.
While you invite with the above link - you might have stuck across this page:
Invite Page For Nyaru

Invitation Steps

  • Now you see, it asks permissions to create slash commands, so go ahead and select the server where you want to invite Nyaru.
As per recent update from Discord, From April 2022, Slash commands will only available way to interact with bots. This is why we are asking permissions to slash commands - it's all normal. Learn more here.
  • Now, in the next page, the prompt asks you for various permissions you want to opt in. In ideal cases, Administrative permissions is okay for proper functioning of bot. However, for your convience, we provided all permissions you want to opt in or out. Select accordingly - and hit the Authorize button.
Authorize Permissions for Nyaru.
Once done, you might be greeted with a captcha - and after:
Nyaru is invited successfully!

🎉 You have successfully invited Nyaru to your server!

Now you can rock with Nyaru in your very own discord server!
Getting excited!?
There's much more to do, excited!? Follow me up!