Purge messages sent by a specific user/bot account.


@Nyaru purge [count] <@User Mention | User ID>


  • Purge messages sent by @Meowry in last 50 messages.

@Nyaru purge 50 @Meowry

Alternatively, if you don't want to mention the user, you can use their user ID as well.

@Nyaru purge 50 858392770565373992

Learn more on how to get user ID of a discord user here.

Both of the above examples will fetch last 50 messages in the command channel and purge them if it is sent by Meowry!

  • Purge all messages sent by @Lumi

@Nyaru purge @Lumi

And again,

@Nyaru purge 844176873335423046

Will also work as charm!

If you don't provide count, bot will index last 100 messages and filter them by default.

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