Here are some frequently asked questions with their answers for quick assistance.
If you don’t know how to use a command or module, you can run @Nyaru help [commandname | modulename] and Nyaru will help you out with that command or module. Help text usually covers out everything in short, and more detailed knowledge about the command is available in the documentation.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Have a feature request? Let us know in our community server.

How To Invite Nyaru?

How To Use Nyaru?

We have a seperate detailed page on how to use nyaru, how commands are processed, command flags and much more right over here.
Detailed documentation of modules is available here, and respective commands are available in their respective section under their categories.

How long is dashboard coming?

👀 s00n™

Is Nyaru angry with me? Why isn’t she responding?

It depends on the situation, you need to troubleshoot on what went wrong!

Is Nyaru Online?

  1. 1.
    If Nyaru is online and not responding to you, most common reason is inappropriate permissions. Nyaru need at least Send Messages, View Channel and Embed Links permission to interact with you.
  2. 2.
    Try mentioning her by @Nyaru. Did you get a pop'in up response? If yes, bot is working alright! You may be using wrong prefix.
  3. 3.
    Is the command or module enabled? Check out in the dashboard!

Is Nyaru Offline?

Check out if there's a server outage. Is Nyaru online in other servers - or just dead completely? Our support server at the rescue!

Last case, but not the least...

This is unlikely to happen anytime, unless you decided to break terms of service. If you have broken Nyaru's Terms of Service, or Discord's Terms of Service, you might got blocked by her. You can know more (if that's your case) in our support server.

How can I get premium?

You can know more about premium in our premium page.

Is Nyaru Open Source?

No. But, you want your own custom version of Nyaru? Scroll down in premium section to know more!

There was a problem running this command..

An unexpected error has occurred during the execution of the command....
If, that's your case... 😐 It means something went wrong in executing the command (not your fault). But, please let us know in our support server! Sit tight, and we will work on the fix.

Purge isn't working as expected with messages older than 14 days, what does that mean?

Limitation of discord bots. Discord doesn’t allow bots to purge (bulk delete) messages that are older than 14 days old.
If in near future, discord changes their API to support this feature, we will drag it right in!

There aren't any more FAQs?

At the moment, no! You reached the end of FAQs. Still got a doubt?
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